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    Morocco Photography and Climbing trip 10.04 – 24.04


    A trip to Morocco is intended for climbers, but it is not a necessary requirement. The regions we go to are attractive for tourists. Those who want to visit interesting places in the
    Moroccan Anti-Atlas will have a lot to do. We are not climbing instructors, so we require  experience and knowledge of belaying and responsibility for themselves, from people who go with us.
    Due to the fact, that climbing requires appropriate conditions, our plan may be slightly changed.

    The maximum number of participants is 6 people. Each climber must have a partner.
    Nevertheless, please ask, maybe we will team up with two people.

    Travel plan

    April 10th (evening) – Arrival at Agadir
    April 11th – Drive by two passanger cars to the Todra Gorge. We will take the road on the southern side of the Atlas Mountains. On the way, we will visit the village of Ait Benhaddou, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    Planned arrival at the destination around 6 p.m.

    Stay in Todra Gorge 12.04 – 19.04

    As for accomodation in Todra Gorge, we consider two options, the first is accommodation in a hotel in the canyon. The advantage of that option is that teams are indepentent, everyone goes climbing when they want and comes back when they whant to finish. The disadvantage is that there is a lot of shade, what in the mountains means cold nights and evenings.
    Second option is accomodation in a distance of circa dozen kilometers from Gorge, the town of Tinghir. It’s warmer in here. The downside is that we all have to go out together, because we are driving cars to the climbing destination. Personally, I would prefer option number two. Because we will have two cars, we can do it and evenings and mornings will be more pleasant.

    In Todra Gorge are approximately 450 bolted routes. We planned 6 climbing days.
    April 12, 13, 14 – Climbing

    April 15, 16 – Active rest; Car trip to Merzouga, we leave our luggage and gear in place in canyons. Merzouga is a small Saharan village with atmospheric campsites, in one of them we will stay for night. Then return to Todra.
    17, 18, 19 – Climbing

    Tafraoute Granites

    It is less popular, but no less attractive and for sure more original climbing spot in Morocco.
    We can find here various kinds of climbing: traditional multi-pitches, sport routes and boulders. It will take us 8 hours to get there through lunar landscapes between the Atlas and Sahara Desert.
    There are fewer routes in Tafraoute than in Todra Gorge, but it is definitely a place worth visiting. We own the latest climbing guide to this area, so you can call us if you have any questions. We will try to answer or send photos of pages by e-mail on request.

    April 23th – Return to Agadir, where we spend the next whole day before the return flight.

    Travel costs

    The cost of trip is 3200 PLN. Flight costs are not included.
    In this amount, we provide transport in Morocco (car rent+fuel included), accommodation with breakfast, and Lunch during trip to Merzouga.
    Additional expances that participants cover themselves:
    – insurance (we can advise you here)
    – food (if we sleep in Tinghir we will have an equipped kitchen)

    We take cameras with us. Good photos, street views in Todra Gorge, and a movie from places we visit will be an extraordinary souvenir after our trip.

    Practical information:

    – Morocco is not part of EU, so see the current entry rules
    – Moroccan network sim card can be purchased at the airport. Payment only in cash

    – In Morroco we will pay in Dirhams, that cannot be exported outside this country
    – Markets (Carrefour) are only in big cities
    – Drones are not allowed in Morocco (we are still waiting for our permission)


    Phone contact

    – Martyna Krzywicka + 48 731 639 370
    – Krzysztof Siwa + 48 508 484 911

    Have question? Ask. We will answer You ASAP

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